Friday, November 4, 2011

I was There

Source of Electricity..!!!

During our Tour in Maria Cristina Falls.

NPC Nature's Park
We stay here...!!!

Iligan City Celadon Conference Hall.

Part view of Cristina Falls.

We received our certificate on this session...!!!!

Its my first time to attained Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society  last October 29 to 30, 2011 at Iligan City. The host of this event are very accommodating they entertained us with there nice tour viewing of some of there tourist spot, of course the main destination there is the Maria Cristina Falls which is the source of electricity in Mindanao. So envy of this place because they are blessed for our mother nature. Attend this summit first is for my curiosity but to my surprised  people who are there in the blogging world they are so young and knowledgeable they are also  supported by there local government, to Iligan Bloggers I salute you for the good accommodation and warm welcome to us!!!!!.

In the world of blogging its fun you can meet more friends, you can learn more in your society. And one thing also I realized in that event is the  speaker the topics of their speech is about  global warming how I wish and pray that through this bloggers' people we are all aware how to take care our mother earth, and we must change, change begins ourselves, we have to start now. God bless you all..!!!


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  1. I'm glad we met there in the 5th MBS. Such a good experience and knowing other fellow bloggers from Mindanao. I'm also happy you enjoy in the city tour. Thanks a lot. =)