Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Island Sunset

My Officemate kids enjoyed the sunset..!!!!

In Our island a lot of plenty beautiful places and faces to remember. I took this picture of my officemate kids I remember  my childhood days so envy to them. Specially the sunset it looks like I paint it in the sky. This two kids is my judge...!!! how nice is my painting ( Lol) just kidding. If you noticed its perfect sunset and its also reminded me how God created this world for us to share His love. He created a perfect world for us to enjoy just like the two kids here in the picture. They really love to play and appreciated the view of their surroundings. How I wish people could realize that we have to take care of our nature. Although we are all know we are all the care taker of this world and if we continue devastate this world I'm afraid in the next generation we could not see anymore this kind of view. God bless you all.

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