Thursday, October 27, 2011

“I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City because...”

I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City because this will be my first time to experience a bloggers summit.My cousin had been encouraging me to join blogger activities and functions as well as informative conferences and now, this Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City.
When I signed up for the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City, I noted that the speakers are quite good. At least that was what my cousin said. Miss Janette Toral is familiar to me already but I have not met her in person yet, so that too is quite a reason to be excited about, as I do want to learn more form blogging experts. And the theme "ONE GREEN MINDANAO: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle" is truly inspiring, I am sure we could all come up with something to protect our Perfect World. It's so in tune with my blog's thrust.

By the way, Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5 is co sponsored by Globe, the country's the leading communications company.

Globe is currently promoting m.globe which allows for easy and convenient browsing by enabling users to use a single platform. This new feature, m.globe, is designed to cater to a variety of browsing needs and habits of users.

So for bloggers like me, it is quite useful. Updates on social networking networking sites is quite fast with m.globe as it also allows users to get the latest updates from their Facebook and Twitter accounts via the Social Networking feature. Aside from these said features, m.globe can provide real-time updates, via the m.globe portal enabling users to search via Google right when they need it, as well as send and receive e-mails via their web mail accounts using the E-mail feature. So it does make life better for us bloggers, don't you agree?

Now, if you want to hear more from this sponsor or get freebies for that matter, join the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5 in Iligan City. I will be there to learn more as a blogger, meet new friends and compare experiences as well as strategies with fellow bloggers. More than that, I wanna join the Iligan City tour too.  So, see yah! 

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  1. I like your blog ma'am .It's a wonderful world to live..I helps me relax in my stressful day.Thank you so much .