Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Refuge

I stay here when I'm depress....!!! It's a very nice place..!!!

Last night I was crying for I knew God's  truly my refuge. He always there for me when my heart is trouble when I had a problem that I can't carry anymore. I knew I never been wrong for trusting Him. After this, all my disturbance in my mind all was vanished because He loves me and He cares for me. I' m aware  that human is not perfect because we are only created by God. Only God is perfect. But in my heart I was trying to be like Him to make me holy. I am thankful for Him inspite for all my problem that I encounter in my life He is always there for me to comfort me. God thank your for everything you have done in my life and for giving me a chance to know you as my personal savior.

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