Monday, January 31, 2011

A Plan

(Nature....!!!! you are the life of the People)

Every Monday here in our office we are used to have our convocation meeting after our flag raising ceremony. So all of us were  having meeting in our very huge conference hall the speaker is no  other than  our schools division superintendent  head of our office. One of the highlights their. She is informing us for having new education curriculum for our student here in the Philippines 2 years for kindergarten, 6 years for elementary and 6 years for high school this information is from our higher office that she attended conference last week. So glad if this  push true. Its  a privilege to our students  adding a new knowledge that they can proud or compete to other country. Speaking of compete I know Filipino people blessed for being a good worker for their workplace and I one of them (lol...conceited). Plus she is informing us also,  for her last conference  that we have to plant a bamboo tree, all of us here in the Philippines  from mountain to city for the substitute material for making plywood ( I guess there is no available hardwood already Pssssssssssstttttt.. lol). and I am very happy for this news. Because planting trees is always in my prayer. Next in my post I well upload the DepEd Memorandum here, if this plan well be finalize. Please lets join pray together for this plan God bless you all...!!!!

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