Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reminder for Us

people of the world analyze this..!!!

For me flooding nowadays its only normal. Its a reminder for us that we have to take care our nature. Last day we have experienced again flood in our place people are panic  some of them evacuated in the school near in their place and yours truly is not the victim (Praise God...!!!) and of course we are in the office so all of us help the evacuees to relocate those who are victims. 
And when I go home I imagine those people who are evacuated  they were together with different families cooking and eating with the same room. The children they are so innocent. Playing with the rain, they are not worried about there situation as long as they are safe, there is food, and they can sleep. How I wish I could be back being a child so that I can't felt the problem of my surroundings. Maybe some people ask God, Why this happen Lord? and maybe God should be answer like this. "stop ruining my creation so that all of you would not be suffer, my creation is your life and this creation would balance your world if you continue devastate this you well be suffer." Just only in my!!! So please stop ruining our nature.

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