Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camiguin Day

My Officemate.. on the go...!!! Ready for Parade....!!!

Opssssssssssssssss...picture..!!! picture..!!!  Camiguin Day here in our place. Its Holiday last Friday. So all of us public and private sectors employees joined the parade after the parade the venue will be in Pavillion Sports Center that for now is still construction going on. So Our Governor of Camiguin Island of our imagination deliver SOPA  of course one of the  highlights there is all about the improvement of our island again. But I am proud to say this congratulation to our governor who is the one taking care of our Island...Sir I salute you for making our island beautiful that our visitors can appreciate the improvement and  beauty of our nature. So after the activities jamming and bonding with my officemate going anywhere picture taking etc...This is our first month activities here in our place. So see you for my next post..God bless you all.....

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