Friday, January 14, 2011

Give Time To Our Pets

I loved all this dog...!!! (including me..!!! lol......)

Friday is my favorite day in week. Why? Because on next day no work lol... so time to rest no more hassle, you can’t wake up early in the morning and you will not on hurry anymore. So my plan this Friday on Saturday, I’ll be go home to my aunt house because she ask me a favour to take care of her dog who deliver a baby. Funny 'coz I teasing her could I file a Maternity Leave here in the office so that everybody knows I was absent because of a dog delivering a baby (lol). Speaking of dog, my aunt love their dog so much she felt that they are all her children. Ohhhh.., how blessed this dog are. That is why when I was in there house I felt that they are also my cousin. I love their dog they are so sweet, they just like human also. Will there is a saying love is got love. So if you love these animals they well love you also and don’t you know that the dog is man’s best friend and they well protect you, a guard in the house so they are useful to us. So I am excited already to see all the dog of my aunt specially the new born. So anybody who owns a pet in their house you have to give time for them so they well know you have to take care and love them also.

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