Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Gift From God

Perfect made by His love....!!!!

How many times I write my article here how to take care our nature. Perhaps, I know I am not the only one reminded those people who devastate our nature so anyone here who read my blog. Please cooperate we have to stop cutting our trees or else in the near future all of us wake-up in the morning we are in the water already. And if we continue doing this what will happen to our future generation.

Look at now...!!!. Are we not hurt?  Flood is everywhere and the victims are those innocent children. So please stop cutting our trees. Just like my cousin they are victims also flood in their place, she’s telling me about their situation. They experience panic buying already. There is no milk available in the grocery how could they move flood is everywhere. So pity I could not help them.  All I have to do is my prayer.

So please anyone who read my blog please be concern.......!!!!! our nature it is a gift from God. 

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