Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lord Thank You For Moulding Me

they are the one of my angels....!!! lol (wala pa sila'y pako kay lapa nako nahuman ug buhat)

Its another year again in my life and I know as days ahead I expect more challenges in life and of course blessing or maybe I’ll be the blessing of other people not in material things but maybe in spiritual way. How nice..(lol) and being a woman now who walk with God I always thankful for Him for choosing me. Thank you so much Lord without you I can’t see the beauty of your love the grace and for saving my life and of course thank you so much for so many angels sending me to watch me until I grew up.

 When I was young I saw my cousin surrounded me. They have a happy family to love them in short I envy to them I was comparing my life to them because they have complete parent, everything the love the care and of course material things. I felt that I am so pity and always ask God. Why in my young age you got my father?  I have my mother but never taking care of me. There are so many why I ask God. But later on as I walk with God I realized I am so blessed. Blessed for the people who surround me my brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandmother, and  friends. They are the angels to me, giving their love and care.

 I felt my life so empty before, but when I knew who is Jesus in my life that’s the time I realized how blessed I am.  I have no father but He is there for me my big father, a father of a whole world. I have so many challenging problems that I encounter in my life but, because he moulds me in His way I am strong now. That is why when I am alone all my question vanished. So ashamed......!!!! My almighty God...!!!!!. I have no right to ask this way coz even my own life He is the owner everything in this world He is the owner I am only His creation. So all the why I ask God....!!! I change to thank you Lord for making my life colourful and to know you as my personal saviour. 

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