Saturday, August 1, 2009

God Measure My Patience

Its almost one month already I had never reported in my work. Its because until now my health is not good, the doctor will always experiment about my situation. And she cannot decided about my operation. But I always pray to God that He will grant my prayer that I will be recover soon. I know God will only measure my patience.

Sometimes there are times that I ask the Lord why all this happen? But I realized why should I ask Him. I have no right to ask Him because I am just only his creation. Perhaps we have so many trials in our lives that we cannot explain but I know at the end of this happiness.....!!!!!For now I am not counting for my trials but I am counting for my blessings because, I know He is only measuring my patience and I am so blessed for knowing Him as my personal savior. and I am proud to say this, whatever trials comes in my life now I still believed and love the Lord with all my heart and with all my soul. God bless you all...!!!!


  1. Amen Bing! You are always in my prayers. Experiencing trials comes along but only trust the heart of God.

  2. Amen! I admire your strength and faith, beng..Hold on, because God's righteous right hand will always uphold you.. Praying for you too!

  3. malampasan rna nimo Bing.Take this opportunity to draw more closer sa Lord this is the time na muarg halos mafeel nimo na dikit na nyo nawong sa Ginoo.God bless!