Sunday, August 23, 2009

Closer To God

Sometimes we could not explain the Plans of God in our life

There is a saying " The more trials of life we have the more we closer to God" Yes, that's what I feel now. And I thank God for what happen in my life for this few months. Because I am so closed to HIM. I can confess all my worries about what I feel now. About my health, financial problem and of course my family. Besides its not easy that you are sick specially that you are bread winner in your family. I felt that I am alone. No one support me in terms of financial problem -but all of this I confess to the Lord. Confessing all my worries that even though I feel that I am alone. Yet God is always there to suffort me. Hope someday this trial would be finish already so that I can go back in my normal life.


  1. Yes Bing, as I've said; that too will pass... Kaya mo 'yan, dear. God bless you!