Monday, August 31, 2009


In my perfect dream, I see a perfect Philippines. No more hunger, no more unemployed Filipinos, no more corruption, no more political backstabbing and mediocre outputs to pass as projects for millions of pesos spent and diverted fund that should not have been--- AH! What a perfect world that would be for all of us.. As a blogger from Mindanao, I can not wait for that day to come when we can only write about good things and not the ones that continue to spoil our imagination of the good, instead the trivial matters that carry our voices to the world as if to say that nothing good could ever become of what we have now..

As Elections 2010 is drawing close, I hope you guys get to visit The site I am busy with as of the moment. It is an online source for political and election related information that can help all of us who are still aiming at finding the right person to vote for, helping us voters in making a wise decision in the 2010 presidential elections. And this is through the social networking tools in the site, such as the blog, chat, political forum and multimedia portal that is available to anyone who will register. This is not only for political issues but a rather wide variety of topics that could affect us all Filipinos.. Anything and everything for a perfect Philippines..

Like what I said, I dream of seeing a perfect world for all of us. As a Kagay-anon and a blogger in Mindanao, I can not help but be excited about what good I can get from using the said site.. I have tried to join forums, answering discussions, sharing my opinions and other great stuff..

That's just for orientation.. whew.. I guess I will have to post another post on this blog after a few months and see how I have mastered the site tools, lol.. But one thing I can tell you as a blogger based in Mindanao, I see how useful the site is for me as I live far from these political figures who are vying the positions in 2010. Any bit of information shared in the site would really be an advantage for me to write about---my share in the plight of the Filipinos for a good clean election in 2010... is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

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