Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Power of Strenght

beautiful place along our travel... so perfect...!!!

It's been a long time I was not updated my blog anymore. Maybe because of my busy work in the office or perhaps not inspired to write any topic. Apparently Blogging is for fun but sometimes  it's difficult for me to fine a nice word to make it interesting, Specially that I am not born as writer. I just write only here when I am inspired or lonely. So for now I want to share my happiness last week that I am visited the place of my aunt were I grown up, at middle of the sea when the barge across our place I met a woman has a four years old child who was worrying about the huge waves that we encounter in the middle of the ocean specially that she has a child with here. The child was crying she is afraid just like with here mom also. And I told to the lady just control your feelings to be strong because  why your child afraid, because you are her strength. So the lady smiled at me and say I am right. So we enjoyed the big waves and pointing some of the beautiful island. I told to the child also that she must be happy that the waves are big so that we can enjoyed the creation of God. I pointed also the beautiful seashore along our travel, the white sand and the clear water. I and  child so enjoyed  our company I saw her eyes that she forget anymore the big waves but enjoyed our topic. I was so happy that day that I met a woman who listen to me how to be strong.

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