Friday, January 11, 2013

Do I Am Exempted?

me and my niece last Christmas party in our church.....!!!!
When I was a teenager, I had to put always in my mind to study well so that in the future I had a good life. I had so many dreams to have a perfect  family that I can call my own. Until now being matured still remain single. All my friends, my classmates are all married. They had already children for them to take care and to be their inspiration. Yet sometimes I told to myself do I am exempted for them? although my life are single, but I realized, the problem that they have in their family are the same was my problem. If they are very anger to educate their children that is also my feelings to my nieces and my nephews. I want them to have a better life in the near future and to be a model for them that life is not easy when you are not finish your education. I always told them, that we have to dream when we are young, when we are old we never regret it. Life is too short that is why we must be matured to think it always.So being an aunt  I have to be role model for them, that life is precious and a  gift from god.

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