Friday, February 8, 2013

The Mystery of Mosquito Killer

A Mosquito Killer Bow.......!!! :)

I remembered we celebrated our funniest valentines day last year it's one year already. It's the most funniest valentines day  that I have celebrated for my whole life together with our single ladies in our office. When we are in refreshment parlor and ordered a halo-halo (milkshake with different fruit) while waiting in the order one of my officemate wishing that she has a date on that day and the other one murmuring and complaining. She said,   where are the guys to be  our candle dining date ...!!! and I teasing  them ( sorry you are dreaming its good to order a mosquito killer so that the mosquito will not bite  us while waiting of our date until in the morning that we are knew that they are not coming.) But the lady who are in front disk listening us about the mosquito and she misunderstood of our topic she thought, we are complaining their place, that there is a lot of mosquito, that is why she get mosquito killer and put in front on us.To our surprised we are all laughing we could not eat anymore our order but laughing. How nice that day even though we have no date on that day but our happiness are overflowing for us on that day laughing is the best medicine in life. And I wish this coming valentines day we could  have our date again which is a mosquito killer.

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