Monday, May 9, 2011

Thoughtful Friend

This bag is from Nethertlands given by a thoughtful friend  Fe Lozada Van de Winckel
thank you for giving me this bag May God blessed you always...!!!!

I am not a rich person in this world but I have God in my heart its easy for me to have a friends as many as I can that is why in my mind, I may not rich in this world but I am rich in a friend. Wow..!!!!!! do am I conceited? But truly its my personal behavior I am so friendly that even I had rode a bus or a ferry I can meet a friend. Just like this bag in the picture I really appreciate this bag because even she is far with me but she remember me always in her heart. Actually I am just only her extended friend because she is the friend  of our nurse here in our office, she visited last year from Netherlands and because of my behavior that I am so talkative and friendly now she became my friend already. increasing friend again...!!!! wow...what a nice blessing..!!!

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