Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peeping of Nature

listening the history of eruption..!!!

Comparing the eruption of mayon volcano and the eruption of hibok-hibok volcano.

The In charge of seismograph lecture about the warning eruption of volcano.

what a place...!!!!

Top of a volcano were their is a  seismograph.

Last day I was a tour  guide again of our regional director and I am happy with this work beside I really loved and enjoyed to see again the beauty of nature around the island its my favorite job being a tour guide here in our office inspite of my busy work. I have a chance to meet again a new friend and its my privilege to be a tour guide with our visitor. So first I brought them to the place where there is a seismograph and their children really enjoy it, and  so on to the whole island.  Thanks  to our schools division superintendent for trusting me. 

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