Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother’s Heart

A flowers for a fake mother..hahahahahahaha

Last Sunday is a mothers' day celebration but I was surprised because five people sending me a message through via SMS. The message like this (Happy Mother's Day...!!! your the best mother in the whole world...!!!) lol. so Funny because the truth is, I am not yet a mother nor married still single and available. But people seen me always tagging a child everywhere I go.  Since I loved children so much that is why they thought I am already a mum. When I received also that message I realized maybe I am a mother already not by womb but by heart ‘coz when I was 14 in my teenage years I took care a children that for now they all grown-up. Until now my motherhood continued in my nieces and nephews maybe this is my calling from God. I think also being a mother not necessary you carry a child from your womb but to show the love and care. Anyways I enjoyed being a fake mother even though I still single. To those pure mother in the world just love and take care of your children and always remind them that God is always in there heart so that they may grow-up a better person in this society.

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