Monday, January 11, 2010


God has blessed me with so many great gifts. It is not only the material gifts that I have received last Christmas, but by this, I mean, the gifts that I am enjoying everyday of my life. It's not only the personalized duffle bag that was sent by a friend after Christmas, or the bags I received, apart from the clothes and the laundry bag to put them in after they were worn, lol.. Or the insulated lunch tote to put my food into...

I thank God that I am still breathing. That I am no longer suffering from the sickness that have consumed my strength and my energy. Not only mine buy my loving family as well. I thank God for friends and relatives who are ever supportive and positive in their dealings with me. I thank God for whatever will come in this new year..

Over all, I am thankful I am given so much more than I am needing. God provides for all my needs. HE is my provider and with that I am eternally grateful.. Thank You Lord...

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