Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rare Place

Inside the Enigmata tree house..... Found in Camiguin Island Philippines.
I remember last month of May my cousin visiting the place where I work now. The place were I always proud of, Don't you know that, not only beautiful tourist spot is this place. But there is also one place here that is so unique, although this a handmade nest but if you come here you will appreaciate the place.
Its a tree house a very nice house in the top of the tree. The owner of this house are nature lovers and sometimes they conducted seminar for the children how to take care the environment. That is why when my nieces and nephews came to this place they are so amazed. The things inside the house is so unique and all is recycled and if you see, you have an idea also how to recycled the garbage in your sorroundings.

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