Thursday, November 12, 2009


A Paradise Place... I love this Place...!!!!

Once again I am here in this place what I call the paradise place. Before when I was young I'll always came to this place to have my vacation and this is also the birthplace of my mum, although I am not growing up on this place but I really love this place, It seems that this place is so perfect the water is blue and sooooooooooooo..............clear there is no pollution, the people are very hospitable, that is why there are plenty of tourist visiting this place, because of the rare nature. To those people are curious in this place you can visit also here, and you will experience the way I experience and I tell you well enjoy it.
And we call this place "Camiguin Island Philippines" why name is Camiguin? because when you are here and you will see the nature and the toursit spot, you will never forget in your mind this beautiful place and you will say I'll "Come Again". See you here.....

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