Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I saw a video for wedding on You Tube today and I guess something about it reminds me of my age. Next year, I will be 37. I am still single and of course I am happy, but I would have been married if my fiance did not die... Well, that was two years ago. I am okay now. I am sharing here a video that is quite interesting. The video itself is quite unique. I mean, I have not known a single wedding videographer in the Philippines who could do it like that. Oh well, the personalities in the wedding are known in the society so maybe that is why it is different. I have not seen another wedding video in the Philippines that looked like it. It's like being married inside the PBB house.. Not exactly, but the way it was presented is like it is in a reality show.

And since I like this video so much, I went out of my way to research as to the videographer behind it. And I discovered it is a video by Buddy Gancenia. Further research gave me the information that Buddy Gancenia is a corporate, events, and wedding videographer and he has actually handled so many wedding videographies of weddings of different known personalities and the not so known who opted to have a fun and cheerful presentation of their wedding memories..

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I dream of getting married and I dream it to be perfect also... But of course, that will happen in God's time... I also dream to have Buddy Gancenia do my videography and documentation...

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