Sunday, November 29, 2009

Damage of the Typhoon

After I heard the news that there is no work on Monday October 3o, because that is Bonifacio day here in the Philippines, I decided to visit my other family in Cagayan de Oro City. Saturday I woke up early to prepared my travel, when I ride a van going to Benoni I really surprised the road is plenty of lumber and a big stone at the center of the road. See..... the damaged of the typhoon how cruel!!!!! " that's in my mind but a few second I realized also, why the time when I was young there is no flood like this, if there is rain a few flood only, few landslide. Just like what happen in the residence of my cousin in Balulang the entire of there life they never exprience overflow of the river there, but now they afraid already. I look up the mountain there is no trees already. How can the people protected when there is heavy rain. There is no trees anymore to prevent the flood. So please wake up people!!! we have to cooperate...!!! lets begin in ourselves lets plan the trees, and stop cutting the trees before its not late already. Because if we continue doing this I dont know what happen next...

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