Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Truth

Lord thank you for giving me another chance to live in this world for serving you.

In life if you don't know the truth, you can say He is unfair for dividing the blessings and unfair for giving a problem happiness and sorrow. But this is a design of life we have to lived here to encounter this, and this is what we call " the spices of life".

Before when I was young I always asked " Lord why? I am not a blessed child my father died for my very young age and my mother never take care of me and I have to lived with my aunt to survived for my future. But God has a plan why this happen all, so that through this, I will be knowing Him in my life. What is my purpose, why I am here in this beautiful world. And of course happening for my life that I never observed since that I was born. God is always watching me. I realized now that I grow up already and matured, had a work that I am so blessed. Blessed for knowing Him. I may not blessed for material things but I am so blessed for spiritual things whatever circumstances that encounter in my life now. I am so strong I never give up because I know God is always with me, and I know He has a plan in my life that until now I can't fathom. So for my trial that I encounter in my life now thanks to the Lord for giving me a chance to live and explore on his beautiful creation.

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