Friday, September 18, 2009


Wouldn't it be nice to have a real holiday? One where I am not sick and need not go from one hospital to another just to keep myself alive? Wouldn't it be grand to fly and be merry, and be free from all the hassle and bustle of my daily routine? Not that I am not grateful, but I guess, sometimes, we feel tired about about everything that just doesn't seem to escape our lives. A good holiday is all I am wishing right now. Not the grand Europe tour or Asian tour that some of you may be thinking of. I am sure there are pretty much cheap holiday deals that I could afford... AH! What a thought! I couldn't even afford to get away from this place I am in now.. But if my consequences were different, I know I would be going through the list of airlines to avail of Cheap Flights To Cyprus... AH! That would certainly be a great one. Cheap Holidays To Cyprus is what I should get..

But of course, I could only wish it. All of God's creation are wonderful.. But Cyprus is one place I am excited to see.. But how could I ever do that? I am stuck here in the hospital... My friends may joke of me being on a holiday since July.. But really, it's not at all a holiday when you are fighting for dear life...

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