Monday, June 29, 2009

Life is A Journey in this Perfect World

We are enjoying the creation of God.....

This are some of God created that people could remind.. how He loves them all....!!!

Before God create the world. He puts everything perfect where there a green surroundings and a perfect mountain, with a complete plant that people could be choice the fruit bearing trees. For them to enjoy eating and the trees for them to enjoy leaving. The perfect sea. He puts any kind of fish and animals for there beloved people. He makes the world perfect. So He can see His people happy and be contented. But only His created people who devastate the world, its so sad.

Look at world now because of the people damaged the world, famine is everywhere the climate could not balance anymore, the flood is everywhere. Where there is new sicknesses. Maybe because His people invented any kind of things that harm the health of people and because of this pollution is everywhere.

Now to the people who live now in a journey of life. We start our concern to repair our damage world, and keep on praying that God will touch the heart of His people. To stop to devastate our world or else its too late already. We have no more world to live, and what happen to our future generation. Wether we like it or not, all of us never remain in this world, and one day we just also say goodbye in this perfect world. Because in reality we are not the one owns our life we just only borrow this in our creator which is God. So in our journey now in our lives, we have to give at leat 20 percent share our concern how to take care of our nest. God bless you all.

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