Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking Care of the World

(Tuasan falls in Camiguin) Flowing falls...

I'm always reminded of the people who read my blogs unintentionally. We have to preserve our forest, our environment and we stop cutting the trees for our own good. We should also be concern the creation of God if not we could not see anymore the flowing of falls in the forest. So please start helping our world and cooperate for our reforestation program. (Just try in your own backyard and its a big big help in our environment)

flowers touch the heart of people.......

A rare flowers that God created for their children to appreciate the beauty of the world. But when the future comes and if the children of God continue to devastate the world do you think that the next generation could see this flower in the future? If you have observe your surroundings we are the one who contributed the damage in our own nest. So if we will not stop this what will be the result of our own nest for the next next decade. Could we smell the fresh air of our surroundings? or could we feel the breeze of the air so that our body could feel comfortable? So we are the one responsible in taking care of this world for the next generation and for us to enjoy the flowers that grow up in the forest. We are the one who are responsible enough in preserving our environment for us to see more more flowers in the future. So we have start now or else its to late already.


  1. bing tsada kaayo imong mga pics. ha.ha.ha. wla ko nag expect nga dli ka kabalo maggrab sa award. sa ako ky right clik sa pics dayon motunga ang saved us. mao na dayon imong gamiton pagpost mo.hope nakasabot ka sa akng gsulti. dli raba ko kabalo mag instruct.hahaha.

  2. bing, fan man diay ka sa DENR ba? hehehe...correct c nanay, i-copy ang pic, then save. copy-paste pod ang post sa NEW POST nimo, i-paste dayon ang pic, then edit lang dayon.