Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Care Because I loved

 My Mother in the Hospital.
My Friend visited my Mom..:)

I always prayed that even though I am not blessed of financial but I am happy and always in a good health specially my love ones. But maybe sometimes it's not like that, whatever we wish and prayed in our life to be work smoothly of course there is a trial. Knowingly trial also is the best way how strong we will be. But sometimes we cannot control our feelings that we can feel also afraid and worry. Just like what happen of my  mother she will be in the hospital in the beginning of the Month of the year. When you say hospital you cannot control our feelings in terms of health and financial. But if you trust and always remember that God is in you always, and He is the control of everything, your worry will be vanished, because you know everything is happen for a reason. Thank you lord for whatever problem that I encounter in my life you are there for me and you control everything and reminding be always that you are God and you will my strength.

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