Friday, July 19, 2013

Guavas In My Childhood Days

taste so good..:)

enjoying the taste...:)

like a child..:)

Yesterday there is a vendor who came in our office, sealing wild guavas, to our excitement all of us bought that wild guavas, because wild guavas nowadays is rare already they are the victims of "kaingin" speaking of this wild guavas it's not people who planted this but the bird who flying on the sky (next of my article I have to explain here why this guavas growing with the help of the bird not the people :)). Upon eating that guavas story telling in every group come up. And we found out that we the have the same experienced when we are in our childhood days.I told to my office mate, because of this guavas I survived my famine days when I was a child. We ate this guavas in schools when  I can't bring food, because we have no food to cook. Thanks God you make a wild guavas for us. I am here now survived.:). My office mate looking at me and laughed because we have the same story, wild guavas is a very big help for them also when they are in there childhood days. Wild guavas before, growing up everywhere so it's easy to pick when you want to eat. Because we saw only in our backyard in our surroundings. But where are those plant now. They just only few that our new generation can't never experienced already.

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