Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Day of Nutrition Month in Our Country

Vegetables good for the health..:)

The parents wearing Indigenous costumes a very unique one..:)

If you want to be beautiful and healthy try to eat plenty of fruits..:)

When you say Philippines. You will amazed our place we value so much our culture, we are very closed to our family not only family but people surround us. In terms of happiness and sadness we share one another.  That is why, there is a saying, when you come to our place there is lot of fun here because of our character that we are proud off a friendly one. That's is why last day of July we celebrated our Nutrition Month here in our place, so expected every school participating the celebration. As I show the picture here mostly parents are doing the part of there child for a unique celebration. There are lot of contest, some parents bring plenty of fruits and vegetables  for showing of bountiful graces and there is also contest for indigenous costumes attires.

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