Monday, July 15, 2013

A Real World

 I am dreaming of  a real world was full of green surroundings, the crystal water, the fresh air of the  surroundings but there are a group of people wants to destroy it and I keep on fighting on it that they  will realize to stop of their plan but they continue for doing it. I cry and begging for them, but they did not listen. Then, my alarm clock ringing. Thanks God it's only a dreamed. It's only a dreamed but, that morning it's a  very big impact in my daily routine what if the green surroundings that I really loved all was gone.Perhaps the place were I always visited when I am depress was gone, How could I swim of the cold water when it summer time to make my body refresh, How could I see the green surrounding when my eyes is tired from work. Lord help me not to worry for the future and  erase this in my heart.

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