Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Colorless World

Colorless pool...!!!!

Colorless Surroundings...:)

imagine the flowers and the grass without color....:)

I had my office mate her, I always admired her when she is stressed from work. All she have to do is draw,  any kinds of things what comes in her mind, so funny but I really admired her when she draws is seems so realistic. That is why I try to make an article about her drawings. It's colorless but nice even though there is no color on it. I told her maybe you are a frustrated painter.  But he answered a smiled. Maybe she can't answer me what is in her mind but I saw in her eyes that my observation to her is right. That is why I  imagined in her drawings. What if the world is like this no color, what will be our surroundings?. So meaning our life  is like our surroundings if there is no color it would be boring. How great is our God He gives everything in this world. He creates color in our surroundings for us to enjoy the beauty of His nature.

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