Monday, March 18, 2013

A Solemn Place Best For A New Couple

bed fronting the seashore...:)

hot and cold shower..:)

the lobby...:)
the owner proud  her  place...!!!!

so romantic..:)

the shore...:)

the pool...:)

my favorite...nature..:)

loved to stay here...:)

so clean...:)

its good to stay here when there is full romantic..:)

waiting for someone.....:)

Our pastor in our church asking me a favor to find a place for their seminar here in Camiguin which are affordable and solemn, and I am so excited for looking around the island for the place.Last Saturday is my vacant day of my work, so I started looking around for some resort who are solemn and affordable, and I told also to myself this is it, because I myself I have no idea about the price of some of  resorts here in Camiguin. Although I spent many years for this island but never had an idea the cost in every resort. Upon my tour I noticed there is disadvantage and advantage in every place. Some are very expensive and very crowded, there is also solemn but only few rooms but this beach I really admired its good for a new couple to spent for many days in this island, the place is very romantic nor crowded. They only entertain few guest. Their rooms also in fronting in the seashore. So even if you only staying in your room. You can feel that you are in the shore, you can inhale the fresh air in the sea. guys try to visit this its a very nice resort see you here. :)

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