Monday, March 18, 2013

Flowing Hot Water In Our Island

my friend and my niece enjoyed the water...:)

night view of hot spring in Camiguin Island...!!!
the camerawoman..action on the go...!!!

enjoyed the clear water....

I am proud that I am here....!!!:)

Last week I had my friend visited in my island, she was here for three days, having survey  in some of the towns in our island about the usage of medicine. In fact she is really appreciated our place even though it's an island but she noticed all around the island the road is cemented already. But not only that she noticed the nice beaches, falls, caves, and a white sand. She observed all swimming pool are over flowing, and the tasted of the water which is soda also.I told her that's the wonder of nature and the love of God extended for their  people here to enjoy the beauty of nature. In her last day of survey in our island, I invited her to went  my favorite pool in our island which is the hot spring. They having there night swimming for four hours enjoyed and felt the wonder of God. Besides this water also is good for the health when you swim here for how many hours, you feel your body relaxing.

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