Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Money Saving Holidays on All Inclusive

As holidaymakers the world over know, one of the best ways to save money on a package break is to go all inclusive.

Apologies if this lets the cat out of the bag - after all, those in the know regularly enjoy the chance to pick and choose their perfect getaway from a wide range of all-inclusive holidays. But some of these breaks are such good value, we just had to share them!

The surprising thing is that when you book all inclusive holidays, you'll probably pay a little extra than those package holidays at the same hotel on alternative board basis options, such as half board or bed and breakfast. It stands to reason that all-inclusive - which typically means that all of your meals, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are included in the up-front cost of the holiday - should be a little more expensive than standard bed and breakfast.

So, what makes an all-inclusive holiday a money-saver?

It's all to do with cutting down on your spending costs once you're in the resort. Forking out on package holidays from Ireland is just part of the expense - the rest comes when you get there, when much of your holiday fund is blown on eating out. Of course the odd night in a restaurant is all part of the experience, but when you have to eat out two or three times per day - a cost which can be tripled or quadrupled when you're holidaying with the family - it soon becomes an unwanted expense.

With all-inclusive you'll often save a small fortune in resort because all of your meals are already covered by the hotel. And most hotels offer a wide variety of food and restaurants too, so even the fussiest of eaters will be catered for.

It's a great way of saving money and what's more, with the money you have saved on eating out, you can put it towards enjoying local activities and day trips. Perfect!

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