Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camiguin Island Zipline

Overview of Benoni Lagoon.

The Zipline...

I was blessed with the people surround me and the place were I born  Camiguin Island a place that I' am proud to say " ITS A PARADISE". God put everything in here. A crystal water, a white sand, cold and hot water a friendly and a hospitable people PLUS a peaceful place  everything that you can describe a paradise place. So because of this I want to introduce a new tourist destination place a ZIPLINE  Opening last April  27, 2012.
The zipline has a distance of more than 700 meters from station 1 to station 2 that will cross over a lagoon, the first zipline in the region across a body of water, which makes the ride even more exciting.  So guys visit our place and experience our new zipline in the island of Camiguin the paradise place. See you HERE...!!!!

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  1. yes, camiguin indeed- "a Paradise Island", moreover, we have 2 hot springs (ardent and tangub), 1soda pool, 3 cold springs (sto nino, macao,& saai), three water falls (katibawasan, rainbow/binangawan, tuasan falls,) 2 white sand islets (white island and mantigue).

    thanks be to the lord.