Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why She is A Woman

My birthday gift to my mother...!!!!!

Some people say " you cannot feel that you are a woman until you will not give a birth" so funny what if you cannot bear a child because there is something about your health or some other woman could not marry because its her destiny. I remember when I was sick because of my abdominal in balance and doctor said he had to removed my uterus or else I would die, that day I had so many question to God until the doctor told me being a mother its not the way you carrying the baby in your womb but how you raise that child by your heart. Then I open my eyes and realized, so what if I can't give a birth I had plenty of nieces and nephews and if there  is a mother can't give love to them because of there busy time, So I have to extend my love to them. See how God is good to me. Maybe HE has a reason why allow this in my life because she loves me so much or else He has a plan of my life that until now I could not answer my question. 

Just like my mom she has plenty of children but mostly of there children blaming them because of there life now.  I saw their eyes begging the love of their children. and felt sorry  the way they raised them. That is why being a mother is not easy you have give one hundred percent love to your children, plant LOVE  in their heart . So that when they grew up you will harvest it. But being a woman I think it's the way you carry a baby in your womb or to be married but it's the way how to give love and to be love because unfortunately woman and men are equal they are created by God.

Being a daughter of  my mom I realized now that I grew up already and matured maybe my mom can't show there love to their children before because of her experienced in life. That is why even some of my brother and sister they are not concerned of my mom, But I'am here I want to give my one hundred percent love to my mom knowingly she is the one who give life to me and thank you for showing me in this beautiful world. To my mom.......!!!! thank you so much for showing me this world, although you never care us but it makes me stronger to face real world.

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  1. That's what I always heard too sis that having a child is our purpose as a woman. I totally disagree with that. Any living creatures in this world have different purpose. As a woman and having no child, I can't see any difference of me/us from any other women who have children. Funny how some mothers will tell those women who have no children that they're happier than those women without children.....Some of these women are just hypocrites.