Monday, July 4, 2011

The Victory

I had my neighbor who died this few days, not only a neighbor but a friend who I always share my ups and down in life, works and of course a problem. Since she is also a single I can relate her when she told me about her responsibilities in her family. But so sad she is passing away, when I heard the news. So lonely because I never visit her when she is alive, the reason is she don’t like that her friend saw her suffering for her illness and could not felt also that she is pity for her situation. For that I am so guilty because I did not share her who is God in her life that I knew I could never comforted her when the time she is suffering for illness, I wasted the time she could not hear me anymore, my concern and of course my prayer. So for now I can learned for this that time is important so that I could not be late for the planned that I had. So next time I will be insisted already I learned a lot for this. To my are always in my heart, your memories remain in my memory and to the family also..You are always in my prayer.

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