Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Story of Love

Once upon a time on island, on which all feelings lived: Happiness, sadness, wisdom and many others, including love. One day the feelings were notified that the island will sink, so one by one they have prepared boats for evacuation. Only love prepared to stay until the last moment, because she loved the island. Within the island was almost lost love decided to ask help. Wealth pass along and she asked him. “Wealth takes me with you please”. Can’t respond wealth.” My ship is huge but I have a lot of gold, there is no place for you. “Then she asked vanity. Please help me.” I can’t help you love, your wet and dirty you will make a mess on my gorgeous ship stay away. “ She said.” Sadness was close, so love asked her too. “ sadness let me runaway with you please. I die on cold.’ The world is cold”. She said and we all die one day, like our good friend the island. I’m so sad that I need to stay alone. I can’t help you.” Also happiness passed along love, but on his boat was so much fun and noise that happiness couldn’t even hear who screamed for help. There love suddenly heard a voice was unknown. Love was so excited and happy that she forgot to ask for his name, when they arrived on land he continued his way love, realized how much she due to this unknown saviour, but was so never late and never wait for anybody, he stops only if you need help he is time only time can make us realize how great is love.

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