Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Independence Day

Picture..!!! picture...!!! picture with a group...!!!!!waiting for the presentation of the song...!!!!!

Last June 12 we celebrated our freedom day in our country.  In our office, I’m the one representative for our singing group. Although I can’t sing well, but I have to cooperate because I have to stand that I am a Filipino beside its good to treasure the old folk’s song in my country because this song is the symbol that we are Filipino and how my forefather created this song. So funny because this song also is not familiar to me so all I have to do is practiced it in my home so that it will be perfect, but to my amazed also my housemate following me when I sung this song and the result we both memorized the song (lol) it seems this is our theme song already in our house and they are also belong to a group of singer. It’s nice when we had special event in our country especially this event is about who you are, why we have to fight it for our freedom. To our forefather thank you for fighting this country and here they are, they can stand alone. God Bless Philippines......!!!!!

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