Friday, April 15, 2011

For His Love

this picture taken by my cousin during there stay in my place...!!!!

God is awesome He give everything  because He love us. The water, breeze of the air to inhale, a beautiful nature, a food, everything...!!!! for us to enjoy. But people are not contented, they want to built their own imagination even they know it could be the reason to devastate their surroundings. Though calamities happened anywhere and most of the people deeply worried for doing of others. But the hand of our creator extended their love and protection to those who loved and believe in Him. Nowadays, it is not late to rebuild again our surroundings to make it green and beautiful by planting trees knowingly we are not the owner of this world we are living here for free all we have to do is protect and care of His creation. Beside we are all benefited for this nature. Remember all of us will die no one will remain in this world. So we have to live by His glory. God bless you all.

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