Monday, February 13, 2012

Classmate Reunion

A cozy place were my classmate live here...!!!

my classmate bought this twins sandals for our  remembrance...!!! 
 We  are so close...!!! I missed this day...

When I was in Singapore, I did not expect that I met my classmate there. We been classmate for two years in high school. Because she is the host of that place we will roaming around the city, she brought me one of the food  chain there that could not understand the taste of the food.  But it's delicious we enjoyed together the food and talking about our high school days we reminizing the past of our childhood days, we compare our life but  we had same  in common  our situation in life because we both single and the bread winner of the family.Wow.....!!!! how amazing God is. All the surprises He give it already...thank you Lord for the moments we experienced in that  country.

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