Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Lord Made Them all

a rare color...!!!!!

Different kinds of cactus...!!!!!

I loved all this flowers its always remind me how God's love me......!!!!

Saturday we had no work and I had to travel again in the place where I grew up. Upon traveling the middle in the ocean I felt so afraid because of the huge waves we encounter. That day I realized why should I afraid I knew this waves God made them all. So I said to myself instead that I have to afraid why should not enjoyed and appreciated God creation anyways I always encounter this kind of situation knowingly that I live a paradise island and its normal. So Now I'm here in Cagayan  the place were I grew so as usual enjoyed again in the company of my relatives. Also I enjoyed one place here in Cagayan visiting variety of orchids and cactus for sale in the heart of the city. I wish I could have my own home so that I can collect the varieties  of orchids and cactus I felt that I am blessed to have this different kind of flowers. Through this I always felt the presence  of God that He made all this kind of plants for us to enjoyed and appreciated of His creation and also to remind us how God's love us.

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  1. wow! Beautiful beds of cactus. God created wonerfully. Blessings this weekend.

    His Unfailing Love