Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Normal

swimming with my officemate...!!!!

I believe I can Fly...!!!!!!

one of the beautiful view in dakak...!!!!

Month of August and September is my busy day, I had so many activities in the office and of course in our place. But I'm happy because I had a lot of experienced to shared. So lets start in the month of August. In the last week of August we have gone in Dakak we are enjoyed bonding with my officemate riding, swimming and lot of funs. Thanks to our agency even though we had a lot of works but we had also our time for our recreation. This unwinding with my officemate is one of the price of being a good worker and we call this our educational tour. So for now back to work and reminizing the days travelling 12 hours so tired but happy. Now back to work...!!!!

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