Monday, March 29, 2010


This are my Officemate....!!!!
Yeheyyyyyyyyy...!!!!!!at last its the end of the school year. And of course this month is Holy week also in our country so I am so excited again to observe how to celebrate Holy Week people in our place. And of course my officemate told me specially this group in the picture we have an agreement to tour around the island. If this group should be realized our agreement, maybe this is a very special day for me because we have no work for 4 days and of course this is also my first time experience to tour around the island of Camiguin. Speaking of the the island of Camiguin I am so proud of this place because every holy week people will come here. To visit the place and make Panaad (Panaad mean Promise) so to the people wants to observe also in this place.Try to visit Camiguin...The place that you can (Come Again) always because of this rare place. see you...!!!!!

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