Monday, March 15, 2010


Shortage of water cause of brownout.

After hard rains, Drought is next that is why brownout is always occured in our place, Its very hard when always brownout here specially when you are working using computer. You cant work. So the result.... your work will be stagnant. So the best remedy of this I have to make an overtime always and go home late. But its good coz I can forget all my problem and worries about life. Sometimes I can compare the climate now, and my life are the same sometimes there is drought season and sometimes there is rainny season. But I dont like drought its not good because there are plenty of problem the plant were all dies so farmer could always have a problem about were they get there food. I want always balance. But its imposible coz we know this is the world and this is the season for this. I have learned for this, it is also the same our life we have to saved for the future, so that when you encouter problem we know already how to solved this.

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