Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentines Day

Last Valentines day since I have no partner in life, I celebrated my valentines day alone, all I have to do is roaming around the place where there are plenty of people who are enjoying the day. I envy them. How I wish I have a partner too.But when I got home. I saw my mama laughing at me because we are the same we have no partner. So I told my mum" don't worry mum I am here beside you you're not alone even though we both don't have a partner hehehehehe..." speaking of my mum she is a widow since I was four years old and she is not married anymore. Because she loves my father so much lol.. that's how Filipina love their husband. So to the people there who loves their wife. Love them as you can coz time will come they will depart and you will really miss that person. That is why my mama now is old already I am the one taking care care of her, I have to show my all love with her. Because I know she is already at the peak of her life.But we still don't know the decision of our creator if I am the one who left her. So sorry mum how I wish you could show your love to me too.