Monday, February 1, 2010

Buddy Gancenia Always Makes Me Cry..

I have never seen a corporate video or a wedding video that hits every person straight to the heart. It seems that every common video coverage is done just to document an occasion, period. End of Story. But, when I saw a few videos in You Tube, I have not stopped crying every since. Call me sentimental, but that's me. Silly it may seem but weddings always makes me wanna cry. Although, when I am at it, I always end up smiling or laughing, but deep down, I am crying. Especially when the ceremony is filled with love and touching details. Like for example the video below:

Well, we all know that Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines, and having him do your videography just makes any occasion worth documenting. Everything just ends up so perfectly.

Anyway, if you are interested to have him on your great event, why not visit the website below:

I wish on the day I will marry, Buddy Gancenia will also be there... as well as the man God has prepared for me...

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