Thursday, December 3, 2009

Organizing Our Christmas Party with Gloo..

My cousin Darling introduced a very neat and trendy system where all of us can meet online and discuss what we want and how we want our Christmas party to be. Imagine us Aguilar cousins from all over Misamis Oriental, Davao City, Cebu City, Manila, London UK, Camiguin, Butuan City, Singapore, US and Canada... And thanks to Globe Broadband, most of us here in the Philippines got our all-access pass to Gloo. If you need more answers for your questions, then Inquire about Gloo to know more.. But of course, since I am already telling you how useful it is, then I guess this post of mine is a big help fro you too..

Imagine this. You get an online board where all of you can brainstorm, jot down your ideas and share, regardless where you are... We have saved a lot on communication because we are able to easily piece together what we are discussing... Not to mention the fact that you can chat, and send text messages via the platform. It's beyond the social networks and all other social media that we have. Come to think of it, it goes a long way... It's like having your own big company and you are having this simultaneous head on head closed door meeting that can raise eyebrows with the results.. Hahaha.. Kidding aside, it truly is a helpful tool to bridge people who would like to work on something really important.

Aside from that, the family, barkada or organization can have a good time while doing projects and all other ways the platform can be utilized. Below is how I have utilized Gloo in the office...

Why don't you open an account today and see what I mean...

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